Hassle-Free Hail Damage Repair Service in Melbourne

Each year, hailstorms cause significant damage to vehicles and the surroundings. One bad hailstorm can result in changing your vehicle’s appearance. Taking precautionary measures can save you from expensive repairs and insurance deductibles. Simply parking your vehicle in a garage will drastically reduce the probability of your car getting damaged due to the hailstorm. You can also install an affordable carport in case you don’t have a garage or use an inflatable car cover to protect your car.

Ensure that your car insurance covers hail damage repair costs. In today’s busy lifestyle, many do not have the time and patience to go for a traditional dent repair service. At Super Dent Australia in Melbourne, our team of specialists can quickly reverse the damage caused to your car by hailstorms. Paintless dent repair is an easy and efficient way to repair hail dents.

When Do You Need Hail Damage Repair Service?

Leaving a vehicle outside during a storm for long periods can render the vehicle susceptible to damage. If you are unsure whether your vehicle damage is due to hail, we offer free inspections and hail damage repair estimates. Here are a few signs to help you closely examine and spot the damage:

  • Dents on the side panel, doors, hood, or trunk: These dings will not be uniform. The paint could get damaged if the dent is not repaired soon.

  • Windows, mirrors, or windscreen damage: If any of these car parts are cracked, chipped, or broken because of any dent near the area, it’s time to head towards the technician.

  • Mirror: Dents could impact your car mirrors. If you notice loose side mirrors, be sure to seek assistance from a car technician at once as it can impact the safety of your car as well as its passengers.

  • Doors: Doors that are jammed pose a safety threat and need to be attended to at once.

Hail Damage Repair Service in Melbourne
Car Hail Damage Repair Melbourne

Major Benefits of Hail Damage Repair:

  • Prevents Further Damage from Hail:

    Even though you think that the damage is not noticeable and does not require immediate repair, waiting till the end of the hail season to deal with the issue can cause significantly larger problems. The damage might worsen if your vehicle gets caught in another hailstorm.

  • Reduces Hail Damage Repair Cost:

    It’s best to get the hail damage repaired at once because exposure to another hailstorm could increase the damage to your dents to the point where they cannot be fixed using PDR. To fix the damage in such cases, you will either have to replace your panels or go through the expensive auto body repair option. This will ultimately end up costing you more than fixing dents through PDR.

  • Restores the Value of Your Vehicle:

    Paintless dent repair is preferred for hail damage repair as the process is minimally invasive and preserves the original paint of your car. PDR will restore your car’s value to the pre-damaged condition.

  • Ensures an Accurate Repair Claim Payment:

    Taking clear pictures of the damage right after a hailstorm and sending it to your insurance company will help them process your claim at the earliest. Insurance companies will advise you to get hail dent repaired by affordable PDR methods instead of expensive traditional dent repair techniques.

Why Choose Super Dent Australia to Fix Your Car Hail Damage?

Car hail damage repair involves the removal of hail dents or any other damage on the exterior panel, without damaging the finish of the vehicle. Getting your vehicle hail dent repaired from trained experts will prove to be more efficient and long-lasting as compared to other hail damage repair shop in Melbourne. With years of experience, trained experts use specialised tools to apply pressure on the back of the car panel. This removes imperfections on the surface and gives you a long-lasting finish.

At Super Dent Australia, we offer affordable and hassle-free hail damage repair in Melbourne. Our well-trained team offers quality workmanship in repairing hail damage. Contact us on 0478 185 255 or write to us on superdentaustralia@gmail.com for hail dent repairs.