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Finding an effective, accessible way to get rid of dents and dings from the vehicle has been a major concern for car owners. Paintless dent removal is one technique that has revolutionised the auto body repair industry from the time of its inception. It has proven to be the technicians’ favourite method for dent removal or hail damage repair. Super Dent Australia is one of the most affordable hail damage repair service providers along with paintless dent removal in Brighton and nearby areas.

Why Do People Choose Paintless Dent Removal Over Other Dent Removal Techniques?

At Super Dent Australia, we have compiled an informative list of why paintless dent repair is more advantageous in comparison to other traditional dent removal methods:

1. Better investment:

Traditional methods of scratch and dent removal involve the usage of chemical fillers, sanding, and an additional coat of paint on your vehicle. The overall value of your car will decrease as the repair becomes more noticeable. Dent repair using PDR is gentler on your vehicle. It will restore your car to its original glory without using any kind of fillers or paint.

2. Affordable:

The use of body fillers and repainting makes the traditional car dent repair quite expensive. In addition, the traditional method involves plenty of labour which contributes to its higher price. Paintless dent removal is an alternative to fix dents that are much more pocket friendly and accessible.

3. Environment friendly:

Traditional methods of hail dent repair involve the usage of paint thinner, base coats, clear clots, and auto paint. Paintless car dent removal does not involve the usage of environmentally detrimental products like chemical fillers or auto paint. This method of car scratch and dent repair does not require a lot of additional materials to restore the vehicle to its original condition.

4. Reduced time consumption:

Traditional methods of hail dent removal require you to leave your car in hail damage repair shops for several days. Paintless dent repair can restore the damage in a couple of hours. It also preserves the value of your vehicle to pre-damaged condition. Paintless dent removal is preferable as it saves you plenty of time and money.

Complete Hail Damage Repair & Paintless Dent Removal in Brighton

The polyurethane paints and thinners used in today’s automobiles are very flexible. Paintless dent repair does not harm the original paint of the vehicle as it works on the damage from behind. In addition, it does not require any chemical filler, sanding, or auto paint. Choosing a car hail damage repair expert will ensure that your vehicle is in safe hands. At Super Dent Australia, our trained technicians have years of expertise in repairing hail damage. They will fix dents in the vehicle, restoring it to its original glory. The usage of specialised tools and techniques will ensure that the hail damage repair is effective and long-lasting. Call us on 0478 185 255 or email us at to get affordable hail damage repair done in Brighton.

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