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Even skilled drivers face the risk of vehicle damage in harsh weather conditions. During hailstorms, various sized chunks of ice fall from the sky and cause damage to vehicles. It is the size of the hailstone that determines the intensity of damage. Other factors that determine the size of damage are the type of metal, profile, and support of your car. Paintless dent repair is one of the best viable solutions to fix dent in the car. This technique of car dent repair is quick, affordable, and easily accessible.

How to Know Whether Your Car Needs Hail Repair & Paintless Dent Removal

For Keysborough, Super Dent Australia has created a guide to help car owners determine if they require hail damage repair:

  • Bright metal or soft aluminium material can get dented easily. The chances of damage are less likely if your car is made of thick metal.
  • Dents due to hail will have a slight cone shape and will be shallow on the sides. The paint of the vehicle will not be damaged, and the centre of the dent will be creased.
  • Carefully look for cracked, chipped or broken windscreen.
  • Smaller chunks of ice coming down at a greater speed will have the potential to damage the glass. Check if there’s any water damage inside the car due to the broken glass.
  • Inspect for jammed doors and loose side mirrors. If you are not sure about the damage, contact a hail damage repair shop for a free inspection.

Pick the Best Paintless Dent Removal and Hail Damage Repair Shop in Keysborough

A hailstorm can age your brand-new car quite quickly. Choosing an expert for car scratch and dent repair will assure you that the vehicle is in safe hands. It is better to get the hail damage repaired at the earliest, even if the damage is minimal. This will prevent the dent from rusting and creating additional expenses. Knowing the sign of hail scratch and dent will help you make the right decision on how to move forward with hail dent removal. It will also provide you insights on how to minimise hail damage repair for the next time.

At Super Dent Australia, we offer quality paintless dent removal techniques for your car dent removal. Our technicians specialise in effectively repairing hail damage. We quickly perform hail dent repair to fix a dent in your car and restore it to its original factory-like condition. Call us now on 0478 185 255 or email us at superdentaustralia@gmail.com to get a free inspection or to get affordable hail damage repairs done in Keysborough.

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