Professional Hail Damage Repair With Paintless Dent Removal Service in Ringwood

Sometimes when the hail comes beating down, your best bet is to stay safely in the vehicle. Getting stuck in such a storm usually results in vehicle body damage. In such situations, it is better to get the car hail damage repaired to avoid rust settling in. In Ringwood, Super Dent Australia has compiled a few pointers that can guide you if your car suffers damage due to a hailstorm.

Complete Guide for Hail Damage Repair

1. Contact the Insurance Company:

Typically, hail dent removal should be covered in your vehicle insurance. Contact your insurance company to ensure that you don’t get hit by price hikes after you file the claim.

2. Get It Repaired Immediately:

The damaged area will start to rust if you wait for a long time. It is better to get the hail damage repaired at the earliest to avoid expensive procedures.

3. Choose Paintless Dent Removal:

A paintless dent repair is a great option for small and medium-sized dents and dings. Hail damage repair shops will use specialised tools and techniques to fix a dent without having to repaint your vehicle.

4. Choose an experienced professional:

Instead of tackling dent removal with DIY techniques, it is better to bring the vehicle to an expert. Choosing a car scratch and dent repair expert will ensure that your car is safely restored to its original condition.

5. Avoid Roadside Hail Damage Repair Tents:

Hail dent repair enthusiasts will set up tents on the roadside, hoping to cash in the situation as soon as the storm progresses. You will not be able to hold them accountable if they fail to fix the dent in the car. Go to a certified hail damage repair shop as they will have expert technicians taking care of your vehicle.

What Are the Easy Ways to Repair Hail Damage?

If you are looking for hail damage repair or car dent repair options, consider one of the following methods:

Paintless Dent Removal:

The best way to remove dents and dings from your vehicle is through paintless dent removal. It is a preferred method to fix dents, commonly known as no paint dent removal, as it keeps the original paint intact. The damaged panel is reached through the inner panels or trim pieces. Specialised tools and techniques are used to push the indented metal of the car’s body back to its original shape. The process is started from the outer edge of the dent and continued till the dent diminishes at the centre of the hail damage. This method is applicable when the paint of your car is not chipped or cracked.

Temperature Change Dent Repair:

Rapid change of temperature on the surface of the vehicle is used to remove minor scratches and dents. Dry ice is moved across the dented area until the dings pop out. Otherwise, a standard dryer is held for two minutes at five to seven inches from the dent to heat it. This method might result in discolouration if the dryer is held too close to the car panel.

Pressure Dent Puller:

The suction principles of a dent puller are used for dent repair. The suction pad and screw-like system enable damage repair.

Car Ding Removal Kit:

In this method, a suction system and glue guns are used for car dent removal. An arched bridge system and a safe adhesive will be used to fix a dent through this time-consuming process.

Hire an Expert:

Choosing a technician who is skilled in repairing hail damage will ensure that your car will effectively be restored to its original condition. This process will help you save a lot of time and effort.

High-Quality Paintless Dent Removal and Hail Damage Repair Service in Ringwood

It is wise to take motor vehicle insurance if you live in an area that is prone to frequent hailstorms. When you are dealing with hail damage, performing DIY projects on your vehicle will cause more damage than good. Choosing a skilled technician will save you time, effort, and money. At Super Dent Australia, we offer top quality hail damage repair through paintless dent removal. Our skilled technicians are experts in offering hail damage repairs quickly and effectively. Call us now on 0478 185 255 or email us at to get a cheap hail damage repair done. If you live in Ringwood and want to remove a small dent from the car, you can search for us by typing “dent repair near me” or “paintless dent repair near me”.

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